5 Steps to Setting Goals Successfully

Setting goals creates a dynamic where you focus on what you want to achieve. It's the pathway to success, even if that path is rocky.

A trail through a grassy area with pine trees in the distance on the sides of the trail. The trail leads to mountains in the distance. There's text on the bottom that says success, the road to success is still being built.

Set yourself up for success!

Walking down that pathway, you need three things. You need to know exactly what you want, you need to be passionate about your goal, and you need a solid and realistic plan of action. Let me say that one again, you need a solid and realistic plan of action. Having these things makes the difference between a dream or a wish and a goal. 

You're on your journey of success. Along the way, you'll likely encounter some challenges and bumps along the path that may slow you down. Here are 5 tools to help keep your momentum up as long as possible!

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1. Know exactly what your goal is

The first thing you need to do is to figure out exactly what your goal is. What will it look and feel like when you achieve your goal? You MUST be specific for this step. Your success depends on an actionable plan and that cannot be created without a solid goal in place. 

Imagine your goal is in perfect clarity. You are there, you can see it and feel the achievement of that dream as if it were a reality for you now. Now all it's missing is YOU!

Achieving anything great begins with envisioning what success will look like; this applies to both our personal goals or business objectives too - just because they may seem different doesn't mean we should treat them differently. The first step towards any type of progress whether big or small starts right here: 1) Figure out exactly what your desired outcome looks and feels like 2) Create an actionable plan based on those intentions

If you are trying to lose weight, what will that look like? Saying, “I’m going to eat healthy” means different things to different people. If you are on a keto plan, that healthy eating is going to look very different than if you are counting calories. A better goal would be, “I’m going to stick to my keto meal plan”.

No matter what your goal, you need to be specific and clarify exactly what you want in as much detail as possible. The more specific you are about your goal, the easier it is to achieve. It's also important not just because then you know exactly what your goals are but if people can't visualize what they're striving towards, their motivation could wane once they reach halfway through the process. This can be challenging, but without a clear picture in your head, you won’t have the focus you need to get to your goal. 

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2. Be willing to pay the "entry fee"

In life, most things have a workload attached to them. They take planning and effort; much like building a house! You start with an idea of what you want: the concept becomes clear as it moves through different stages - from rough sketch-planning, into detailed sketches that are put together in 3D models before finally being built on site or even creating instruction manuals for other builders to follow when carrying out their work. The same is true with reaching your goals...

But what is the cost of success? This could be in less recreational time, or giving up some favorite TV shows. Sometimes you have to adjust your work schedule and other times it's about adjusting social activities too- this can all depend on how much energy we want for everything else!

However, there’s always an “entry fee” to be paid for success. What is it you ask? Well, that depends. It could be less recreational time, or maybe a second coffee every afternoon isn't so appealing anymore... sometimes we need more energy than others depending on our stamina levels!

It’s the “full glass” deal. If your life and your time are already full to the top, there’s not going to be room for something new. That “entry fee” is carving out time to create something new. This is usually easier than you think. Doing a time audit for a few days can really help you figure out where to fit new tasks in to meet your goals.

On a wooden table, there are strips of white fabric. The first letter is red, the rest are black. Each strip has a different word, spelling out follow one course until successful

3. Focus on your goal every day

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and every day you waste is one day farther from your goal. This is another reason why a clear mental image of your goal is so important. 

Consistent daily focus is key to “burn in” the new neural pathways you need to create your new goal. Without daily focus, the mental habits currently in place, the ones that have kept you from your goal, will continue to rule the roost. 

This happens automatically, since these old habits are the only ones you have hanging around, 24/7, in your subconscious mind. The only way to evict these freeloaders is to consciously focus on what you DO want, thus building new neural networks. 

That’s why success is an every-day event. 

Recommit to your goal every single day. Do not let your goal take a back seat to the daily tasks and distractions that will try to take over. Life WILL try to get in your way. Just get, and stay, on course every day. Focus on your goal and focus on your success, one day at a time.

4. Get passionate

One of the most powerful tools in your “success tool box” is having passion for your goal.

Why passion?

Because having an intense and passionate desire for your goal will help you burn in those new neural pathways even faster. Many scientific studies have shown that intense emotion (passion) is a key tool for success. 

PLUS (and this is a HUGE plus), intense passion will also help you override any inappropriate old “failure messages” stored in your subconscious mind. 

A lightbulb with action as the center word and a bunch of other words making up the lightbulb.

5. Take consistent action

In many ways, actually taking action towards your goal can be the most difficult step. Successful goal achievement is built by taking one small action after another. 

The key word here is ACTION!

If you commit to even one small action each day, your actions will add up and make a difference. You cannot just sit back and wait for that moment when everything will magically “just happen.” You are the key to making it happen. 

You have the power to create whatever you want in life. Those tapes telling you that you can’t, that it’s impossible, etc, Throw. Them. Out. Any time you hear those thoughts in your head. Immediately turn them into I can and it is possible. 

I know this isn’t easy. I struggle with it too. But the secret is to determine exactly what you want, then passionately go after it. In the end, the action makes it happen. You can’t just dream about what you wish would happen without taking the steps to make it happen. You have the power inside of you to change your life. Take that action and do it!

Follow these five steps might not always be easy, but it will lead you to success! I know you can do it! For some support on attaining your goals, be sure to join our Facebook group. If you want to learn more about how to be accountable to your goals, this post is sure to help! Hope to see you there!

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