I Beat My Goal EVERY DAY by Setting It Publicly

How can goal setting help you reach your goals? For me, accountability is key! Setting up a way to be accountable will help you succeed.

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What is your goal for the year? Is it to lose weight, save money, or get a promotion at work? Whatever your goals are, imagine how much easier they would be to achieve if you had someone holding you accountable. This article will discuss why making public commitments can help make reaching your goals seem more manageable on a daily basis.

Accountability challenge

I’m a bit competitive. I’ll admit it. Not like Monica in Friends never quitting competitive (who needs the Geller trophy anyway), but let’s just say I can relate. I can even be competitive with myself. So setting a goal and putting it out there publicly helps me to reach that goal. 

I’m in a group where every morning I ask what the goal for the day is. Mine varies from day to day, but so far, I have met my goal every day I have posted it. Mostly because of that competitive streak I have. I don’t want to have to admit to anyone that I didn’t meet my goal, so I will strive to meet it. If my goal is to not eat cookies, when I find myself drifting towards the Oreos, knowing I made a commitment to myself not to turn into Cookie Monster has me drinking some water instead. 

Setting goals is important, but declaring them is equally important. Putting the goal out into the universe is key. That energy that is always around us will absorb that goal and help you to achieve it. Giving it life by declaring it in your journal, on a post on social media, writing it on your bathroom mirror, or just saying it out loud will help you to achieve that goal.

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What kinds of goals should I set?

There are different kinds of goals that you can set. You can have a daily goal as something to be accountable to daily. You can have a long-term goal as well, as something bigger to stretch towards. Let's take a look at how these goals are different and helpful in their own ways.

Daily Goal

Your goal is personal and it matters to you. Mine is staying away from cookies. Maybe yours is drinking more water, making that phone call you have been putting off, going for a walk, cleaning out your email. Your goal should be something attainable in that day. If you have 23,000 emails, cleaning out your email folder is not a realistic goal. Deleting 200 emails however, perfect goal. You want to make your goal something that you can achieve. 

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Long-Term Goals

That is not to say that long term goals aren’t important too. Those are what your vision board is made of, and can be as big as you like. So if I did have 23,000 emails, my long term goal would be having an email account with under 100 emails. My daily goal would be to delete 200 emails. Your daily goals are paths to long term goals. 

Vision board with sayings on it - live in the moment, strong an brave, goals, work hard lay hard, life was meant for good friends and great adventures, I believe in me, create, as well as pictures of an airplane in flight and a computer on a desk.

Vision Boards

There are many ways to do vision boards. If you are artsy craftsy, get yourself some poster board, some magazine, print out pictures from the web and go for it! If you lean more towards digital things, Canva is perfect to make a digital vision board. Not into pictures and all that at all? Get a white board, write down your visions and cross them off as you achieve them. There is no right way to do this, it’s whatever will work for and inspire YOU. 

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What happens when you don't meet your goals

Self talk is soooo important. If you didn’t meet your goal, think about why and move on. For more on this, check out this post.

If you are looking for daily accountability, join our Facebook group and put your goals out there. Hope to see you there!

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